What’s Spanish for Whoa?

Sharon Bell, owner of Barn Girl Jewelry, has published a helpful booklet – “the pocket guide to barn Spanish.” This laminated booklet contains dozens of common phrases used daily around the barn and horses. Each phrase is translated from English to Spanish along with a phonetic pronunciation guide. Even if you studied Spanish in high school and/or college, many (or most) phrases used around the barn and horses were simply not in your text books. So the book is designed to provide a communication bridge between English and Spanish speaking folks who deal with horses every day.

The book contains translations of commonly used terms around horses regarding:
·Tacking Up
·Barn Chores
·and Miscellaneous terms

For examples: What is your horse called in Español? Mi caballo

What is a stall in Español? El establo

What are bell boots in Español? Las botas campanas What are galloping boots? Las botas protectoras de canillas

What is the term for groom (verb)? Cepille

Como se dice en Español: give my horse a bath with soap? Bañe me caballo con jabón.

Como se dice en Español: empty the manure spreader? Vacie el distruibidor de estiércol.

The book concludes with a glossary of terms – in English, in Spanish, and a pronunciation guide.

And what’s Spanish for whoa? The Spanish word for “whoa!” is “so!” and is pronounced “soh.”

This helpful booklet was created by Four Squared Creative, LLC. You can find the book online at the Barn Girl Jewelry website: https://barngirljewelry.com/. There is also a Pocket Guide to Barn Spanish for Farriers available at this website.

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