Oaklawn Racehorse Injuries and Deaths

Compiled by Nancy Brannon, Ph.D.

Following up on our May article on the horses that had been “vanned off” the track during the 2020 spring racing season at Oaklawn, we received information from Patrick Battuelo, who told us he had received a response to his FOIA request with the Arkansas Racing Commission for information about what happened to the injured horses. Patrick had posted the information on his website Horse Racing Wrongs at: https://horseracingwrongs.org

Patrick posted information on a total of 18 horses who had severe injuries at Oaklawn in the 2020 race meet and had to be euthanized. [Code: R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall.]
Usual Suspect, Jan 13, Oaklawn T – “exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”
Shut the Box, Jan 23, Oaklawn S – “equine protozoal myeloencephalitis”
Ted’s Shadow, Feb 1, Oaklawn T – “catastrophic injury”
Devil’s Drama, Feb 15, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Smokey, Feb 16, Oaklawn S – “injured in barn, died due to cerebrum hemorrhage”
Different Days, Feb 16, Oaklawn R (euthanized Feb 17) – “carpus fracture”
Taraz, Feb 17, Oaklawn T – “catastrophic injury”
Arguto, Feb 26, Oaklawn T – “catastrophic injury”
Arkyarkyarky, Mar 8, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Dynamite Dan, Mar 12, Oaklawn T (euthanized Mar 14) – “catastrophic injury”
A P Dancer, Mar 21, Oaklawn T – “cannon fracture”
Glory Stars, Mar 26, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Kahului, Apr 2, Oaklawn R – “ruptured vein in the pelvic cavity, hypovolemic shock”
Joan’s Delight, Apr 4, Oaklawn T – “sesamoid fracture”
Blowinthebluesaway, Apr 10, Oaklawn R – “fractured shoulder”
Muskoka Wonder, Apr 17, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Rockys Warrior, Apr 26, Oaklawn R – “carpus fracture”
Midnight Sway, Apr 26, Oaklawn R – “fetlock fracture”
From our May issue article on the horses listed by Equibase as “vanned off” the track, we still could obtain no information regarding what happened to these horses:

April 3: Mighty Manfred
April 5: Kasilof
April 9: Replete and House Drunk
April 16: Lieutenant Powell
April 16: Slovak

We wrote to Nikki Langston and to Joseph Lokanc at the Arkansas Racing Commission asking about the outcome for these horses, but did not receive a reply from either on this matter.

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