Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum

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This book is like a visit to a museum—with a horse as your guide.

By Ethan Lail, age 9

In this book you plainly see

Horses of Art History!

Beautiful lines from head to tail, sculptures, painting, strength and beauty, 

No matter what the artist makes, nothing is a fail. 

A horse is a horse of course, of course; 

This horse, that horse, two by two, or four in hand. 

From battles long ago to pleasure today, an artist can make anything, they say!

From Greek Mythology the flying horse Pegasus, to soft captured paint strokes in the moment – Impressionist.

Horses framed picture by picture; who knew they gallop three beats at a time?

Speed and endurance race horses in a line.

Horses carved in walls of caves, sculptures from wood, soft brush strokes precision shapes; drip paintings, too. They all boogie in a line just like you do.

Take a trip to a library, museum, or art gallery; what crazy horse art could you do? 
Editor’s notes:
Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum, illustrated by Andrew Joyner, is based on an unrhymed manuscript and sketches discovered in 2013. Taking inspiration from Dr. Seuss’s original sketches, illustrator Andrew Joyner’s whimsical illustrations are combined throughout with “real-life” art. Cameo appearances by classic Dr. Seuss characters (among them the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, and Horton the Elephant) make thisa unique, playful picture book.  It encourages critical thinking and makes a great gift for Seuss fans, artists, and horse lovers of all ages.

Touring the Horse Museum, the reader can explore how various artists have seen and portrayed horses. Discover full-color photographic art reproductions of pieces by Picasso, George Stubbs, Rosa Bonheur, Alexander Calder, Jacob Lawrence, Deborah Butterfield, Franz Marc, Jackson Pollock, and many others—all of which feature a horse. Young readers will be delightfully transported by the engaging equines, as they learn about the creative process and how to see art in new ways.

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