Meg Ford Shows Move To Showplace Arena

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Article & photos by Tommy Brannon

The third horse show of the 2016 Meg Ford Horse Shows series moved to the Agricenter Showplace Arena August 26-27, 2016. All of Meg Ford’s previous shows had been held at the Germantown Charity Horse Show Arena. Ann Ford Upshaw, owner/partner of Meg Ford Shows, said that this had been a very positive move. “We have not had any complaints and that is rare.” She said that the move was not without some challenges and they will have to make some adjustments for the future, but John Butler, President of Agricenter International, and Jamie White, Manager of the arena, along with their staff have been very cooperative and helpful. “They want us here,” she added. “Jamie told me that they were not sure what kind of footing the hunter/ jumpers needed, but he would do his best to accommodate.” 

Due to a heavy rainstorm on Friday the outdoor arena was not usable. The indoor and covered arenas, as well as the inside warm up arena, were usable and the footing was kept in good shape with the Agricenters’s tractor and drag. One of the reasons for the move was the footing at the Germantown Charity Arena. The footing there is pulverized limestone that sets up hard after a few rains and days of sunshine. This makes for a very hard surface that has to be worked up with a drag and a high horsepower tractor that the horse show promoter has to provide.

Jack Nash, the course designer and jumper judge said that the August show usually has the fewest entries in the series, because the kids have started school and the weather is so hot. This show had 72 entries, compared to the August 2015 show at 111 and the 2014 show at 62. Ann commented that this was a good, manageable number for the first show at a new location, and Jack added that this show did not take any more time than usual. Tara Krisle Williams and Michelle Walters were the official hunter judges.

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