GCHS Gambler’s Choice

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Thursday night’s performance at the Germantown Charity Horse Show (GCHS) featured the exciting Gambler’s Choice jumper class. In this class, the fences are assigned point values, and the riders can decide which jumps and in what order they want to take them in order to accumulate the most points within the time limit. After this round, the riders then have the option to take the Joker fence, worth 200 points. If cleared, they add 200 points to their score. But if any rails are knocked down, 200 points are deducted from their score. The class is sponsored by the extended family of the late Harold Walker. This was Harold’s favorite class at the Germantown Charity Horse Show, and the family has had a trophy custom-made just for this class.

This year’s winner was Adria Lehmann with 1300 points, riding Linda Stenzel’s Colina. David Jennings was second on S&L Farms’ S&L Puppy Love. Adam Sklansky was third on Wave On Wave, who was the first to go in the class. Maxine Shatten came in fourth on one of the two horses she rode – East Bound And Down with 1090 points. Ashley Shaw rode her Curiel Boston to fifth. Carlos Aramburo was sixth on Stitch. Danielle Tursky had the lowest score of the class, a minus 40.


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