Hillsboro Hounds Boxing Day Hunt

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By Dana Burke, Hon. Secretary and Huntsman Johnnie Gray

Hillsboro Hounds annual Boxing Day hunt started on a foggy warm morning, not promising hunting weather.  A large number of riders were out for the annual traditional day dressed in their formal hunting attire.  Everyone set off in a jovial mood, which was elevated within the first five minutes of the hunt as the hounds struck quickly and took everyone on a fast 25 minute coyote run. This run was quickly followed by a little fun on a grey fox.  After a very brief respite, another coyote showed up for a run that was truly blistering! Johnnie Gray gives a very accurate account of the day.

Hounds met at Time Out Farm for our Boxing Day Hunt at 9:00 a.m. Temps were about 60° with fog.

Hounds were cast into the covert opposite the meet site and drew through the valley, when they started to speak. They ran through the chert pit into the Turtle Pond covert, then over to Emily’s Folley. Left here, then through the Locust Grove, back towards the Turtle Pond covert. By now, hounds were very hot, so after a nice 25 minutes run, they were taken to a pond to cool off.

We drew on into the Bobcat covert, then onto the Big Briar Patch. Behind it, hounds started speaking in the briars, but struggled because of the scent. Then a grey fox was viewed by Whipper-in Leilani Gray and hounds were on again. After a short run, the fox went to ground under some tree roots.

We cast into the Big Woods and, after a few minutes, hounds struck a coyote and ran fast towards Flat Rock, then left towards Emily’s Folley, over to the Turtle Pond and onto the meet site. Hounds were flying over the Time Out Drive Way onto Blue Creek, then into a piece of country we could not cross.

Trailers were called for, as hounds ran east about two miles before most were picked up. The lead hounds covered about another two miles before all were recovered. By this time it was 1:45 p.m.
Pretty good Boxing Day meet!

At the end of the day everyone gathered for refreshments, which included Stephanie Saveskie’s delicious chili along with many other goodies and drinks.  It was a very enjoyable morning and a nice way to cap off the Christmas week.

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