Four USEF National Champions Determined On Final Day of Competition

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From Natasha Beynon
Ocala, Florida – March 6, 2022 – Driving on the final day of competition (Sunday March 6) at Live Oak International were competitors chasing top honors for USEF National Champion titles. Winning the USEF National  Champion Advanced Single Pony was Jennifer Keeler with her pony Zeppo. Taking the USEF National Champion award for Advanced Pair Pony was Katie Whaley, with Mary Phelps winning the USEF National Champion for Four-in-Hand pony. The USEF National Champion Advanced Horse Pair went to Jacob Arnold. 
Ocala, Fla. (March 5, 2022) – Chester Weber thrilled spectators with an impressive marathon performance on Saturday March 5 at Live Oak International taking the Four-in-Hand Marathon win. Kicking off the third day of competition at Live Oak International, the Driving Marathon didn’t disappoint the gallery of spectators who travelled from hazard to hazard to watch the drivers give it their all. 

Chester Weber completed the FEI Four-in-Hand course conquering all seven hazards with his team First Edition, Goveneur, Amadeus, and Ideaal with a total score of 152.02, taking the top honors on his home turf.

The FEI Horse Pair win went to American Jacob Arnold with a score of 159.92. In second place was American Paul Maye with a score of 178.64

Taylor Bradish from the US and Katydid Duchess with a score of 144.51 took home the top spot in the FEI Single Horse, with Italy’s Gabriele Grasso taking second with Hendrik on a score 147.26. Finishing third was Carrie Ostrowski from the US and Gellerduht scoring 156.02.

For the FEI Pony Single Marathon class, Jennifer Keeler did it again with Zeppo with a score of 166.39. Jennifer and Zeppo won the Marathon at Live Oak International in 2020. Dana Diemer finished second with Mack the Knife with a score of 174.99. Deboarah Lawrence navigated Top Secret 53 to third place. All three are from the US.

The FEI Pony Team win went to Mary Phelps with a score of 242.77 and the FEI Pony Pair top finisher was Katie Whaley with a score of 162.77. In first for the Intermediate Horse Team was Jean Thornton with a score of 212.31. All three drivers are American.

Canadian Jerome Drolet was first in the Intermediate Horse Pair with a score of 198.27, and Janelle Marshall was first in Intermediate Pony Single, scoring 125.38

US driver Andy Marcoux took home the honors in the Intermediate Horse Single with a score of 144.46. Americans Margaret Shenker placed in second with 146.61 and Allison Stroud placed third with a score 147.88. 
Ocala, Fla. (March 3, 2022) – Chester Weber took the top spot on day one of competition (Thursday March 3) at the 31st Live Oak International winning the Bridlewood Farms FEI Four-in-Hand Combined Driving dressage phase. Weber drove his team to the win with an impressive score of 38.96.

Dana Diemer took home the win with her pony Clarwood Mack the Knife in the FEI Single Pony Dressage with a score of 59.22. This was the first FEI win for the driver pony combination. 

In second place was Deborah Lawrence and Top Secret 53 with a score of 68.99, and in third was Jennifer Keeler and Zeppo with a score of 70.50.

With a score of 52.88 Taylor Bradish won the FEI the FEI Single Horse Dressage with Katydid Duchess.  Second to Bradish was Carrie Ostrowski and Gellerduht with a score of 55.32, and in third with a score of 55.64 was Garbriele Grasso with Hendrik. 

Winning the FEI Pair Horse was Jacob Arnold with a score of 52.30. The second-place honor went to Paul Maye with a 66.37. 

The FEI Pony Pair win went to Katie Whaley with a 58.54, and the FEI Pony Team win went to Mary Phelps with a score of 67.20.

Margaret Shenker with Heart Land Flash Back was the winner of the Single Horse Intermediate Dressage with a score of 53.12. Second place went to Andy Marcoux and Loretta with a score of 60.74. 

Winning the Intermediate Pony Pair Dressage was Roberta Grenno Kanstad with a score of 53.97 and finishing in second spot was Boots Wright with a 54.16 score. Jean Thornton won the Intermediate Horse Team Dressage with a 78.31.

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