Brownland Farm Fall II

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The second of two shows at Brownland Farm in Franklin, Tenn. saw cooler fall temperatures during the Harvest Moon weekend, Sept. 15-19, 2021.

Genevieve Munson and Mark Holden’s Zonderling were the victors in this week’s Welcome Stake. Genevieve was presented with a Helite vest, presented by official sponsor of the vests Franklin Horse Supply.

Cendatus PS with David Jennings up took second place, and last week’s Grand Prix winner Follow Me, also with David Jennings, finished third. It appeared this was a nice warm up and a little foreshadowing that Follow Me was on a roll.

Two days later Follow Me and David Jennings repeated their previous week’s win of the $30,000 Brownland Grand Prix. Laura Linback piloted Skat 15 to second place, and Haley Gassel rounded out the top three with Iliano Van D’Abelendreef.

Trainer David Pellegrini coached the top two winners of the WASH/NAL Children’s Hunter Classic: Eleanor Grace Flynn and Candor were first, while Keller Crosby and Coronado placed second. Flynn and Candor were also Champions in the Children’s Hunter 14 & Under division.

In the WASH/NAL Adult Hunter Classic, Emily Anderson and Hide Away took top honors.

In the Junior Hunter Classic, Eliza Gallaher rode her Kalvert for the blue ribbon. It was a “Cake Walk” to second place for Lauren Velazquez on Lily Hiller’s horse.

In the $7,500 Brownland Farm Hunter Derby, Isabel Harbour and Fitz won first out of 30 entries. Harbour was also the top amateur rider, taking home an extra $100 check and $50 from Franklin Horse Supply. She was also the top amateur rider in last week’s Derby.

Kelly Mullen grabbed second and third places in the Derby: on Cheryl Rubenstein’s Capisce for second and on Joy-Elizabeth Elliott’s Golden for third. Phoebe Sheets is the trainer for both.

Maggie and Lauren Diehl dominated the top spots in the Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic M1.0. Maggie captured first on Downtown and Lauren was second with Conrad. Both horses are owned by Kelly Sims.

Hospitality at Brownland Horse Shows is always on the agenda. On Grand Prix day, spectators could enjoy a wine and cheese gathering behind the berm as they watched the class. Friday afternoon, September 17, was ice cream treat time, with ice cream and cookies from Mojo Cookie Dough and Creamery.

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