Remembering Milo

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4/11/1997 - 9/22/2021

“I lost a big piece of my heart today,” wrote Rose Marie Lawson, owner of Oak View Stables in Olive Branch, Miss. “Thank you Dr. Elaine Hawand the Full Circle Equine group for all you did to try to save him.”
If you ever saw the roanish-looking Appaloosa you would know he was appropriately named. The darker parts of his coat were the color of the seed head on milo, or grain sorghum,a crop grown around the mid-south.

Rose Marie Lawson acquired Milo, a registered Appaloosa, as a 9-year old. Milo got his start in barrel racing, but he soon found success in the hunter ring with Kodie Young and Cassidy Fendley. In 2014, he added carriage horse to his repertoire, under the careful guidance of Elizabeth Keathley, Joanna Wilburn, and Pam Anderson. Milo absolutely loved to compete in the carriage speed events at the Germantown Charity Horse Show and the Nashoba Carriage Classic. The Cones class was his absolute best, and he won the cones event of Fault-and-Out at his last horse show the 2021 Nashoba Carriage Classic. 

As “a big pet” himself, Milo got along very well with dogs. He was incredibly mindful of his feet in the hunt field around the hounds, or while giving lessons to the handlers of local dogs competing in the sport of Road Trial. Dogs that trained with Milo went on to receive many Road Dog titles. 

Sheila Oles played a major role in Milo’s life before she passed away in 2020. She loved to groom him, watch his lessons, spoil him with treats, and sit by his stall as she played music to help with his desensitization. 

We are incredibly saddened by the loss of Milo in our lives. He touched so many people in the years he spent at Oak View Stables. We take comfort knowing that the first thing he did after crossing the rainbow bridge was to roll and run straight to Sheila.

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