Paso Fino Performance Championship

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Photos by Nancy Brannon

The Figueroa family cleaned up in the Paso Fino Performance Open Championship on Saturday night (June 12, 2021) at the Germantown Charity Horse Show. Christian Figueroa was first on Julieta De Milagro; Elizabeth Figueroa was third on Carmentea De Tomaria; and Lena Figueroa was fourth on Memoria De Tomaria. That left the second place slot to Norman Timbs on Gedeon.

1st: #87 Julieta De Milagro, Christian Figueroa (Maverick Equity Partners owner) Champion goes across the sounding board.
2nd: #7 Gedeon, Norman Timbs
3rd: #398 Carmentea De Tomaria, Elizabeth Figueroa
4th: #86 Memoria De Tomaria, Lena Figueroa

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