The Jaeckle Centre Upgrades Facilities

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While many businesses were closed, including The Jaeckle Centre, and horse shows were cancelled this spring, The Jaeckle Centre (TJC) took the opportunity to improve its already luxurious facilities in an effort to become more environmentally friendly.

Evie Jaeckle, who has recently taken over the management of TJC, said, “I am very focused on evolving our operation to be environmentally friendly throughout.” She directed several upgrades to the facility, including installing a new environmentally friendly footing in both the indoor and outdoor arenas. Jaeckle said, “The new footing is amazing! It’s called Arena Green, created by Dan Carr of Westwind Surfaces. It is non-synthetic, environmentally responsible sand amendment that can effectively reduce water usage and improve footing quality. The amended footing is derived from upcycled, organic materials to ensure that the footing is environmentally safe.”

In addition to the new footing, TJC has partnered with Enviro Equine to offer nutrition and grooming products and services to create better health and well-being for horses. The Enviro Equine products used and carried by TJC provide the highest quality of nutrition for horses to help provide the support and solutions for joint, gastric, digestive and weight management issues. The line of nutritional products places emphasis on all-natural ingredients from sustainable sources. According to Evie Jaeckle, “I am completely aligned with their products because they are effective. They have created a line of equine nutrition products that guarantee to help horses feel their best from the inside out.”

In addition to its many amenities, such as 55 spacious stalls, an indoor Olympic-size arena, two outdoor arenas, several miles of horse trails, TJC continues its focus on whole horse health and fitness with its adjacent Equine Performax. The whole facility like a luxury hotel and spa for horses.

Under the supervision of Naomi Minardi, Manager of Equine Performax Therapy, horses are treated to services such as ECB Cold Salt Water Leg Spa, Aqua Pacer Underwater Treadmill, EquiPulse PEMF therapy, EquiVibe under solarium lights, Pegasus laser treatments, and more. Everything to improve the health and fitness of the horse is under one roof.

There are also veterinarians onsite, under the direction of Dr. Mark Wooten, to address horses’ injuries, surgery, and recovery situations. “Dr. Mark is a well-loved vet in this area, but we can also work with clients’ preferred vets to create recovery and rehabilitation programs after injuries,” explained Minardi. “In addition to the rehabilitation of injured horses, we have clients who bring their horses to enhance their fitness or to get recharged before and between shows, utilizing our services.”

Jaeckle’s vision is to provide services and products that enable horse owners to get the most out of their horses. Two areas where Minardi and Jaeckle are confident Equine Performax and its partnership with Enviro Equine can make a positive impact on your horse are in fitness for competition – a fitness program that combines riding and conditioning therapy; and rehabilitation therapy after injury or surgery.

TJC and Equine Performax provide services: (1) for injured horses, to bring them back to pre-injury performance; (2) for post surgery horses; (3) for pre-performance, to increase your horse’s fitness for the competitions ahead; (4) for post-performance, to ensure full recovery from intense showing or training; (5) to prevent injury as the horse’s fitness level is increased to advance to the next level of performance.

Overall, TJC is a unique place for horses with a whole horse vision of providing environmentally friendly spa-like services. To get more information about TJC, please call or text: Fern Aron, Customer Service Manager, 855-523-2553. Or visit their website:

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