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Late December and January are busy times for field trailers, with a field trial every week. The New Year began with the Ames Amateur Field Trial, run on the Ames Plantation at Grand Junction, Tenn. from December 31 – January 3. This was followed by the Mississippi Open Shooting Dog Championship, run on Hendrix Farms near Holly Springs, Mississippi.  The following week, January 13-18, field trailers were again at Ames Plantation for the Hobart Ames Open All-Age, then at Hickory Valley on two weekends in a row for the Memphis Amateur FTC (January 16) and the Cajun Open All Age (January 25). Beginning January 21, Whippoorwill Farm near Michigan City, Miss. was the site of the Mississippi Open All-Age. All these, and many other, field trials lead up to the main attraction: the National Championship at Ames Plantation, starting February 10. Handlers were vying to get their dogs qualified for the big event. Following is a sampling of these field trials, with the winners of each division.

Ames Amateur FTC
Running began December 31, 2019 on the Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, Tenn. Judges were Scott Little of Woodlawn, TN and Kent Walker of Collierville, TN.

All-Age winners:
1. Misty Morn Masked Man - Joey McAlexander
2. Small’s White Stryker - Mike Small
3. Touch’s Grey Street - Keith Wright
The Derby stake was cancelled due to weather.

West Tenn. Amateur
This field trial was held at (Bill) Currie Farms in Dancyville, Tenn., January 9-12, 2020 and included the Amateur Shooting Dog, Amateur All-Age, and Amateur Derby. Judges were Allen Currie and Nick Thompson

All-Age winners:
1. Touch’s Indiana Joan - Keith Wright
2. Touch’s Grey Street - Keith Wright
3. Penny’s Good Grace - Matt Pendergest

Derby winners
1. Rebel Dreamer - o/h David Williams
2. Coldwater Promise - o/h Gary McKibben
3. Superstition Jake -o: Ric Peterson, h: Bubba Spencer

Hobart Ames Field Trial
Run on the Ames Plantation, the Hobart Ames Memorial Classic All-Age began on Monday Jan. 13, followed by the Derby Stake, and finished on January 16. Twenty-six dogs were entered in the All-Age, with eleven dogs running in the Derby Stake. Thanks to judges Chris Rider and Scott Johnson, along with reporter Jim Atchison for their service.

Winners in the All Age Stake: 1: Coldwater Thunder, handled by Steve Hurdle; 2: Terry Third Chance, handled by Randy Anderson; 3: Misty Morn Masked Man, handled by Joey McAlexander.

Winners in the Derby Stake: 1: Touch’s Breakaway Fred, handled by Ike Todd; 2: Knight Moon, handled by Ike Todd; 3: Touch’s Joy Ride, handled by Ike Todd.

Memphis Amateur All-Age Field Trial
This field trial was supposed to be held January 16-20, 2020 at the Peterson, Powers, and Weaver Farms in Hickory Valley, Tenn. But the All-Age stake was delayed until 1 p.m. Saturday Jan. 18 because of heavy rains.

All-Age winners:
1. Superstition Final Touch - Peterson
2. Cocklebur X Files - Spencer
3. Small’s White Stryker – Small

Derby winners:
1. Southern Ritz - Brian Peterson
2. Coldwater Paradise - Gary McKibben
3. Southern Shadows T Rex - Lance Servais

Mississippi Open All-Age
The 32nd running of the Mississippi Open All-Age was held January 17, just after the Hobart Ames Memorial at Whippoorwill Farm in Michigan City, Miss. This was also a National Championship qualifying stake and a Purina Handler of the Year Award points trial. Judges were Mason Asburn of Trenton, TN and Joey McAlexander of Holly Springs, MS.

All-Age Champion was Whippoorwill Mayhem, o: Ric Peterson, h: Larry Huffman.
Derby Champion was Superstition Jake o: Ric Peterson, h: Bubba Spencer

Cajun Classic Open All-Age
This National Championship qualifying trial started Saturday January 25, 2020 on the Peterson, Powers, and Weaver Farms in Hickory Valley, Tenn. Judges were Jim and Matt Pendergest of Lexington, Kentucky.

All-Age winners
1. Touch’s Grey Street - Keith Wright, Jessica Wright
2. Superstition Final Touch - Ric Peterson
3. Valiant - Randy Anderson

 Derby winners:
1. Superstition Jake - Owner Ric Peterson, Handler Bubba Spencer, Cocklebur Farms
2. Knight Moon - Ike Todd
3. Rester’s Cajun Charlie - Cecil Rester, Holly Parker Rester

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