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The Jaeckle Centre in Thompson’s Station, Tenn. hosted the Winter Festival IEA Hunt Seat shows on January 11-12, 2020. The Jaeckle Centre high school teams won the Championship both days.

Results from January 11:

In the High School division, The Jaeckle Centre team was first, followed by Keywood Meadows Farm in second. Anchor Way Farm placed third and Lucky Fox Farm placed fourth. Rounding out the top six teams were CF Topflight in fifth and Team Need A Hand in sixth.

On the winning Jaeckle Centre team were Caroline Slonecker, Zoe Rogers, Alexandra Beasley, Charlotte Holman, Grace Kirsch, Fallon McGrory, and Keira Wagner.

Other teams competing but not placing included: Mountain View Farm, Sycamore Hills, Hunters Edge Stables, and Highland Manor Farm.

On the Hunters Edge Stables team were Lucie Bell, Charlotte Blondis, Lilly Cate Childers, Shea Kiersky, Mary Matthews, Sydney Milner, and Ruby Nahmias.

In the Middle School division, the CF Topflight team was first; Keywood Meadows Farm was second; and Sycamore Hills was third. Completing the top six teams were Lucky Fox Farm in fourth; The Jaeckle Centre team in fifth; and Team Need A Hand in sixth.

On the winning CF Topflight team were Madelyn MacLarren, Emma Millican, Chloe Atkins, and Madelyn MacLarren.

Results from January 12:

In the High School division, the Jaeckle Centre team again took first place. The CF Topflight team finished in second place; Mountain View Farm finished third; the Magic City Equestrian Team was fourth; Sycamore Hills was fifth; and Keywood Meadows Farm was sixth. Five other teams competed, but did not place: Anchor Way Farm, Lucky Fox Farm, Hunters Edge Stables, Team Need A Hand, and Highland Manor Farm.

The Hunters Edge Stables team sent five riders, all of whom placed: Charlotte Blondis, Chandler Harrison, Shea Kiersky, Mary Matthews, and Anna Kate Ryan.

In the Middle School division, CF Topflight was first, with Keywood Meadows Farm coming in second. The Jaeckle Centre team placed third; Sycamore Hills was fourth; Mountain View Farm was fifth; and Anchor Way Farm was sixth.  Other teams competing but not placing were: Team Need A Hand; Lucky Fox Farm; Magic City Equestrian Team; and Highland Manor Farm.

Hunters Edge Stables coach Beanie Cone said of the IEA show:

“Hunters Edge Stables is proud to be sending riders individually and as a team to regional finals in our inaugural season of IEA. We are home to Memphis’ premier IEA team, which works along with the coaches of Ole Miss Equestrian team, giving our riders the advantage of learning from coaches who know what collegiate level programs require.

“Catie Beth Varian joined me as assistant coach in May from Auburn University, one of the best equestrian programs in the nation. She has a background in the intercollegiate and interscholastic format, and she has given the team insight into being well rounded, adjustable and hardworking, more than just being in the spotlight. She has stressed the importance of riding the horse that you have drawn, not just riding to ride. 

“All that being said, we could not have this team without the support of all of our parents and having good horses. We have been lucky to borrow Ole Miss’ horse Captain, who walks into the IEA/IHSA show ring and always walks out in the ribbons. Being able to put our more skilled riders on a horse like Captain, that is willing to give it his all, has been essential to our success. Captain was donated to Ole Miss from Auburn University about three years ago. In addition, we have been able to help the venues we have attended by bringing some of our horses. This has been a unique opportunity for our riders to learn hands-on show care for our equine athletes.

“Our team has strength in numbers and we are now recruiting riders for the 2020-2021 season. We accept riders of all skill levels from 4th-12th grade, and look forward to another competitive season. We are also hosting a scrimmage on March 22, 2020, that will pit our current IEA team against the Ole Miss Equestrian Team at Hunters Edge Stables. All are invited to attend. This is a great way to learn about both IEA and IHSA programs and the benefits of both.” 

Teams in the mid-south are in IEA Region 4. Region 4 Zone 12 Finals are February 16, 2020, also at The Jaeckle Centre. Find more information about Hunt Seat and Western IEA teams and shows at: Find more information about Hunters Edge Stables IEA and IHSA teams at:

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