WTHJA Year End Awards

West Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association (WTHJA) hosts its annual Awards Banquet on January 5, 2019 at the Memphis Hunt and Polo Club, Memphis, Tenn. In 2019, WTHJA will start its 37th year of offering USEF rated horse shows in the mid-south area at the Germantown Charity Horse Show grounds in Germantown, Tenn. The area also sports some of the top hunter/jumper trainers in the nation.

Following are the top awards winners for 2018 in each category:

Green Hunter 3’6”/3’9”: Shipshape, owned by Mindy Wurzburg; ridden by Laura Lesko and Jason Schnelle
Performance 3’3” & 3’6”: Capisce, owned by Cheryl Rubenstein; ridden by Jason Schnelle
Amateur Owner 3’3”: Gidget, owned & ridden by Sarah Morris
Small Junior: Captivate, owned by Allison Rayburn; ridden by Mary G. Fauser
Large Junior: As Ever, owned & shown by Ella Trotz; also ridden by Anna Marie Mayes
Junior Hunter 3’3”: Roosevelt, owned & shown by Madison Hill
Medium Pony: Not So Secret, owned & shown by Calder Trotz
Large Pony: Hey Scooby, owned & shown by Hagen Blackwell
Green Pony: Heaven’s Gift, owned & shown by Isabella Griffin; also shown by Anna Marie Mayes
Children’s Pony: Wishful Thinking, owned by Kelly Anne Williams; ridden by Emmalee Lentile
Children’s Hunter 14 & Under: SLF Riviera, owned by Kelly Byrne; shown by Agibail Arnold
Children’s Hunter 15-17: Freedom’s Revenge, owned by Gerre Craig; ridden by Jacob Russell
Adult Amateur 18-35: Forever, owned/shown by Addison Bimn
Adult Amateur 36-49: Vuitton, owned/shown by Margaret Weaver
Adult Amateur 50+: Comaraderie, owned/shown by Kakki Wright
Green Hunter 3’ and 3’3”: Cadbury, owned/shown by Susan Ross; also shown by Jason Schnelle and Phoebe Sheets
Baby Green: Fascinate, owned by Allison Rayburn; shown by Mary G. Fauser
Modified Child/Adult Hunter: Vuitton, owned/shown by Margaret Weaver
Short/Long Stirrup: Prada, owned by Alexa Fogelman; shown by Eleanor G. Flynn
Pre Childrens: SLF Riviera, owned by Kelly Byrne; shown by Abigail Arnold
Junior/AO Jumper: USA D’Horset, owned/shown by Chara Short
Equitation 11 & Under: Eleanor G. Flynn
Equitation 12-14: Natalie Hanisco
Equitation 15-17: Abigail Sellers
Pre Child/Pre Adult Equitation: Lauren White
Short/Long Stirrup Equitation: Kate Barton & Eleanor G. Flynn

Find complete year-end results at www.wthja.org

WTHJA is hosting a schooling show on March 30, featuring both hunter and jumper classes. Competitors can earn points toward WTHJA year-end awards. For information and prize list, contact Barney Mallace at: BMallace721@gmail.com

The “Indoors” Shows
In addition to success at mid-south area shows, several mid-south riders competed at the top national indoor shows this year. These shows attract the top riders from across the nation: Capital Challenge, Pennsylvania National Horse show, Washington International Horse Show, and The National Horse Show. Competitors have to accumulate sufficient points to quality for the hunter, jumper, and equitation finals at these shows.

The Capital Challenge celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, taking place September 28-October 7, 2018 at the Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The show features the Taylor, Harris Insurance Services (THIS) and Ariat Medals, and USHJA 3’3” Medal Finals, as well as World Championship Hunter Rider. Find more information and 2018 results at: www.capitalchallenge.org

Celebrating its 135th year, the National Horse Show, one of America’s premier indoor equestrian events, ran from October 27 to November 4, 2018 at the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. The show is home to the ASPCA Maclay National Championship. This year, Sophia Zuckerman, Anna Marie Mays, and Madison Hill exhibited in this highly competitive championship. Find more information about the National Horse Show at: http://www.nhs.org
The Pennsylvania National Horse Show is held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Penn. The USEF Heritage Competition ran October 11-20, 2018. This year’s show will be October 10-19, 2019, and in 2020, the show will celebrate its 75th anniversary. Find more information at: http://www.panational.org.

The 60th anniversary Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) was held October 23-28, 2018 at the Capital One Arena in Washington, CD. Established in 1958, the WIHS is one of the most prestigious equestrian events in North America, and includes Olympic-Level competition. Find complete information about the show at: www.wihs.org.

 At the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Roosevelt andMadison Hill competed in Large 3’3” Junior Hunter. They placed third under saddle and won two fifth places over fences. Madison also competed in the USEF Medal Finals and the ASPCA Maclay Finals on her other horse King.

Rutherford andSophie Zuckerman competed in the Older Large Junior Hunter division at the Capital Challenge and Pennsylvania National Horse Show. They placed second under saddle at both shows. The pair also competed in the USEF Medal Finals and ASPCA Maclay Finals.

Not So Secret andCalder Trotz showed in the Medium Pony Hunter division at the Washington International Horse show, where they placed seventh, fifth, and fourth. They also placed ninth in the Washington Pony Equitation Finals.

Isabella Griffin andCold Case competed in the 3’6” Younger Small Junior Hunter division at the Capital Challenge, Pennsylvania National Horse Show, and Washington International Horse Show. She also showed her Large Pony Heaven’s Gate at the Capital Challenge.

Rachel Eubanks showed Cachas Fumar in the Older 3’3” Juniors at the National Horse Show.

Anna Marie Mayes competed on More Optimistic in the ASPCA Maclay Finals.

Jordan Cobb showed Central Park West at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and the National Horse Show in the Older Small Junior Hunters. They placed sixth, seventh, and eighth.

Calder Trotzand Jordan Cobb received the Pony and Junior, respectively, Rider Sportsmanship Awards at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show.

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