Mid-South Dressage Academy Awards

January is traditionally the month when the nominees for the Academy Awards are announced. In Hernando, Mississippi, it is also the month when the Mid-South Dressage Academy (MDA) Awards are given to those who achieved their personal best in the 2015 Dressage show season at MDA. 
Here’s an award system that is not discriminatory against the gender of the horse or rider. Color and breed of the horse do not influence the judging either. Any horse and rider team can strive to achieve their personal best. Dressage is for everyone and every type of horse.
Dressage tests serve as a measure of the horse’s and rider’s schooling. Each level builds upon the preceding level’s principles. Each required movement is scored on a point range of 0 to 10 with 10 being Excellent and 6 being Satisfactory. Then the Collective Remarks – on Gaits, Impulsion, Submission, Rider’s Position and Seat, Rider’s Correctness and Effective Use of the Aids – are factored in to produce a final percentage score. Sufficient mastery of a particular level is reflected by a score of 60% or greater in all areas. Read more about Dressage tests at: https://www.usdf.org/about/about-dressage/competition/tests.asp 
Following are the Mid-South Dressage Academy Awards recipients for the 2015 show season. The envelope please…
Introductory Level > 68%: Allison Stewart, JR/YR (69.782); Kinley Scott, JR/YR (69.125); Susie Langston, Adult Amateur (68.125).
Introductory Level > 65%: Megan Patterson, JR/YR (65.688); Jessica Ferguson, Adult Amateur (66.750)
Introductory Level > 62%: Keller Swindle, JR/YR (64.532); Katie Beninati, JR/YR (64.063); Amie Triplett, JR/YR (62.657); Amy Marolt-Alred, Adult Amateur (63.594); Mildred Schiff, Adult Amateur (62.969); Kristen Harmon, Adult Amateur (62.938)
Training Level >71%: Jamie Lawrence, Open (73.637)
Training Level > 68%: Jayne Ryan, Open (68.051)
Training Level > 65%: Hayley Baker, JR/YR (67.635); Daniel Patterson, JR/YR (66.413); Lauren Williams, JR/YR (65.544)
Training Level > 62%: Amy Marolt-Alred, Adult Amateur (63.696); Kristin Harmon, Adult Amateur (62.935)
First Level > 65%: Caitlyn Massey, JR/YR (65.093)
First Level > 62%: Kristin Lamberson, Adult Amateur (62.645)
Second Level > 62%: Jamie Lawrence, Open (65.533)
Dressage Seat Equitation > 68%: Hayley Baker, JR/YR (70.000)

The recipients would like to thank the Academy for hosting these Dressage shows, and to thank the Producer/Director, Elizabeth Clifton, in particular. They also thank their horses, their trainers, their parents, and all those involved in making their 2015 Dressage show season such a success!

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