Jerry Chilton Memorial Barrel Race


By SaraBeth Thompson

The third annual Jerry Chilton Memorial Barrel Race took place November 19-22, 2015 at the Paul Battle Arena in Tunica, MS. This Fortune 5 barrel race offered $19,000 in added money, no late fees, plus another $10,000 added to the Future Fortunes.

Future Fortunes is designed for eligible horses to have an additional opportunity to compete for an additional sidepot. Stallions can be nominated to become an eligible Future Fortunes stallion. All foals, yearlings and older offspring sired by newly enrolled 2015 Future Fortunes Stallions can be grandfathered into the program. Any Future Fortunes horse can be eligible for Future Fortunes bonus money at open events, regardless of age.

Marne Loosenort, Hazel, Kentucky, was one of the weekend’s lucky competitors. Marne had multiple 1D placings over the weekend on multiple horses in the Open division, Futurity, and the Slot Race. The Plenty Tiny Ranch, home of Marne and her husband Bob, is packed with horses in training, for sale, as well as tune-ups offered on outside horses. Marne’s husband, Bob, also offers hot, cold, and corrective shoeing. The ranch consists of 44 acres, a state of the art indoor training facility, and two outdoor riding arenas.

The Fortune 5 Barrel Racing Production Company has been family owned and operated for over 12 years. Jerry and Brenda Chilton, along with their grandson and barrel racer Ty Marks, began producing Fortune 5 Barrel Races back in 2002. Jerry Chilton passed in April 2013, a sorrowful event for a huge part of the barrel racing community. When the Chilton’s first offered this Memorial Barrel Race, barrel racers from all over the surrounding areas flooded in to support the Chilton family. They strive to make their barrel races fun and family oriented. The Fortune 5 Barrel Races offer chances to make three runs and an average payout.



1st $743 Marne Loosenort and Dell Q 14.659

2nd: $619 Kristen Darnell and Miss Gay Bar Abby 14.717

3rd: $526 Brian Wheeler and Royal and Famous $14.739


1st: $636 Kylie Bruggerman and Dashin Hot Toddy 15.163

2nd: $530 Savannah Bates and SockFulloMoney 15.197

3rd: $451 Dalene Schober and Im A French Mistress 15.202


1st: $424 Bailee McLendon an This Stone has wings 15.664

2nd: $354 Sherry Rhea and A Sreak of Stars 15.665

3rd:$301 Susan Wesley and Red Man Oakie 15.669


1st: $318 Krista Staley and Bugs On The Moon 16.669

2nd: $265 Karen Anderson and Rodney and Firewater 16.701

 3rd: $225 J J Bryant and Meno Jinx 16.712



1st: $1092 Dalene Schober an A Shawnee Romance 14.668

2nd: $910 Dalene Schober and Vanilla Gola 14.677

3rd: $774 Marne Loosenort and Lovin Fame 14.679


1st: $936 Marne Loosenort and Guys Cashin IN 15.188

2nd: $780 Amy Lybyer and Chest C Star 15.192

3rd: $663 Katie Hulsey and Soxy 15.198


1st:$624 Lindsay Leverington an Shes Miss Leading 15.675

2nd:$520 Bailee McLendon an This Stone has wings 15.716

3rd: $442 Mary Helen Johnson Bookn Win 15.722


1st: $468 Charlene Gibson and Shalom 16.700

2nd: $390 Brad Richards and VF Del Rey Cat 16.712

3rd: $332 Gary Hall and Harley 16.713




1st: $1285 Marne Loosenort and Easy Down Honor 14.714

2nd: $1071 Niki Shanks and BJ 14.723

3rd: $910 Diane Reece and Guys Streaking Six 14.756


1st: $1101 Katie Hulsey and Soxy 15.215

2nd: $918 Bailey Ward and KeyholeQuik Gun 15.223

3rd:$780 Judy Hess and In It To Win It15.229


1st: $734 Donnie Reece and Tsunami Sue 15.714

2nd: $612 Allison Sneed and Moons American Jet 15.720

3rd: $520 Hannah Duncan and Pc French Playgirl 15.744


1st: $551 Mariana Tornos and Whitewater Wildcat 16.732

2nd: $459 Jane Loftin on Zippo Mischief 16.777

3rd: $390 Gary Hall on Bucks Lil Blue Doc 16.807


(Photo courtesy of Blake Monroe, Monroe Photos)

M. Loosesnort: winner of the fortune five from Sunday.

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