Dreamcatcher Photography by Liz Pantall

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Our January issue cover was one of our more popular covers, and we credit Dreamcatcher Photography by Liz Pantall with that success. Pantall has been a professional photographer for about three years, but has been honing her skills all her life.

Pantall photographs weddings, people, and their animals. “I’ve always loved to take pictures,” she said. “I like people and animals best, and horses are my first love.”

Liz has mentored under Jim Bentley, a photographer friend, from whom she has learned her craft. “Jim has been a photographer for over 45 years and has been generous enough to share his talent with me for the last three years!” she said.

Liz has horses of her own, too. “I have owned and trained Paso Fino horses for over 20 years and use my 16-year-old gelding for a photo prop. I also have a 16-year-old mini who is the sweetest, most gentle soul I know. He is a great prop for children as well as adults.”

As you can see, Liz is successful at getting good photos of horses. What’s the secret? “No secret about shooting with horses,” she says; “just common sense.  Have someone with you who knows horses. Also get the animal used to the flash and noise to see what reaction you may get before you start the photo shoot.”

In addition to her photography, she’s also an artist. Sometimes she uses the talent of Purple Princess Edits with Rachael Woodhouse to add a fantasy background!  Liz resides in Stanton, TN

See more photography at: http://dreamcatcherphotographybyliz.zenfolio.com/ and on Liz Pantall’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DreamcatcherPhotographybyLiz

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