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NEW One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner from Horse Health™ Products
Horse owners in the mid-South know how expensive good quality tack is and how much time it takes to keep it in good condition. Sweat and dirt take their toll, even on the finest leather, and cleaning and conditioning tack take time. The staff at the Mid-South Horse Review recently tried a product that may help solve both problems: One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner from Horse Health Products. The results have been quite satisfactory.
We tried it on a bridle that we use every day, a saddle that has not been used in months, and a 40-year-old pair of Dehner boots we found in the back of a cabinet. All of the leather items came out clean and supple. The boots can now be put back into service. The saddle, which was moldy, has not re-molded in the several weeks since it was cleaned, even though it is stored in a humid environment.
This product makes it easier to clean tack every time it is used and, thus, can be checked for damage and wear, keeping it safe. One Step is thick enough that it does not run even in summer heat.
The manufacturer states: “Its unique avocado oil-based formula deep conditions to keep leather soft and pliable, protects against drying and cracking, restores elasticity to worn leather and helps break-in new leather It can be used on all colors of leather and will not strip the dye from black tack. It does not contain silicones, waxes or petroleum distillates that can harm leather stitching.”
If you want an all-purpose tack cleaner that will help keep your tack clean and conditioned on a regular basis, this product will do the job.

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