Live Oak International Driving

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From Natasha Beynon

Ocala, Florida – March 8, 2020 Chester Weber secured a record 17th USEF Four-in-Hand National Championship title and won the cones FEI Four-in-Hand to conclude driving at the 2020 Live Oak International event. 

Chester Weber said, “This week, I drove two younger horses that came out of my program: Julius on the left and Amadeus on the right wheel. I drove the Marathon team that I’m thinking about for the top sport; it’s the first time I’ve had these two leaders back together and my plan is to keep this team for the rest of the season.”

Jacob Arnold came out on the final day of competition and won the FEI Horse Pair Cones with Hermitage Farms owned horses. He takes home the FEI Horse Pair from Live Oak International and the USEF Advanced Horse Pair National Championship.

Winning the FEI Pony Single Cones was Jennifer Keeler with Amazing Grace. Jennifer had an exceptional week at Live Oak International and defended her USEF Advanced Single Pony National Championship.

Suzy Stafford wins the FEI Single Horse at Live Oak International and Taylor Bradish takes home the USEF Advanced Single Horse National Championship.

Katie Whaley is the USEF Advanced Pony Pair National Champion for the fifth consecutive time and winner of the FEI Pony Pair division.

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Dressage Phase

Ocala, Fla. (March 5, 2020) – Chester Weber took home the win on day one of competition at the 30th Live Oak International, winning the USEF Advanced Four-in-Hand Combined Driving dressage phase. Weber, the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) team gold and individual silver medalist, drove his talented team of horses to an impressive dressage score of 35.92.

Jennifer Keeler took home the win with her pony Amazing Grace in the FEI Single Pony Dressage with a score of 50.61. That puts her a step closer to defending her USEF Single Pony Combined Driving National Championship for the third time. Second to Suzy was Jennifer Thompson with a score of 48.79 and in third with a score of 49.79 was Garbriele Grasso with Hendrik.

Winning the FEI Pair Horse was Jacob Arnold with a score of 44.72. The second-place honor went to Robert Burrows with a 62.03.

The Pony Pair win went to Katie Whaley with a 56.30 and in second place was USA’s Mary Phelps with a 62.63. 


Ocala, Fla. (March 7, 2020) –The Driving Marathon started the day at Live Oak International and didn’t disappoint the sea of spectators that came out and travelled from hazard to hazard to watch the drivers compete. Chester Weber impressed today at Live Oak International with a thrilling win in the Four-in-Hand Marathon.

“The weather cooperated today, and it was a perfect day for the Marathon at Live Oak International” said Chester Weber. “I couldn’t be happier with the performance that my team put in today. It all came together and with the cheers and support of the spectators and sponsors on course, today was extra special.”

Chester Weber had the fastest time across all seven hazards with his team Julius, Amadeus, Boris and Reno finishing with an impressive score of 113.39. Second to Chester today was Canadian Gerben Steenbeek who finished the Marathon with a score of 144.11 and USA’s Paul Maye was third with a score of 155.90.   

In first place in the FEI Single Horse Marathon was Taylor Bradish from the USA with a score of 91.12. In second, also from the USA was Suzy Stafford with a score of 93.31 and in third was USA’s Jennifer Thompson with a 97.43. 

Defending National Champion Jennifer Keeler from the USA took the win in the FEI Single Pony Marathon with a score of 91.40 and Rebecca Gutierrez took second place with a 95.31. Both from the USA. USA drivers Jacob Arnold took the top prize in the FEI Horse Pair with a score of 102.90 and Robert Burrows took home second place with a score of 153.20.
Katie Whaley from the USA was first in the FEI Pony Pair Marathon with a score of 96.70 and also from the USA, Mary Phelps with a score of 107.57 was second. The Obstacles, which is the final phase of the combined driving at Live Oak International, kicked off Sunday, March 8.

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