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In Tennessee, the first Friday in March is Arbor Day. In fact, Tennessee was one of the first states to adopt a statewide Arbor Day holiday in 1875. This year, a Tennessee Division of Forestry project involved the planting of 1,100 trees in Greene County, Tennessee, alongside a pasture on the Old Asheville Highway, with Camp Creek Bald as a backdrop.  Sunny skies and warmer temperatures on February 27 and March 2 made it possible for a crew of a dozen from the Tenn. Div. of Forestry to complete the job.

Forester Neal White told the Greeneville Sun that the tree seedlings planted – Northern red oaks, flowering dogwoods, Virginia pines, white oaks and yellow poplars – are native to Tennessee and the general area. The seedlings are grown by the Hiwassee River in the Polk County community of Delano, where the state runs its only nursery, White told the Sun.

The Division of Forestry has a variety of assistance programs for forest landowners, including a forest stewardship program focused on the evaluation of forest resources and planning for conservation or utilization. The Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program provides up to 75 percent cost-sharing to promote sustainable forest management.  The Division of Forestry also oversees the American tree farm system, a conservation reserve program, forest legacy permanent conservation easements, and more.

Order trees through the TN Department of Agriculture at: At this webpage, also find information about the economic and environmental benefits of trees, the seedling nursery, and tree improvement projects. Orders for April 2018 can still be placed by completing the printed order form and sending it to the Department.

National Arbor Day is April 27, 2018, a day to plant and celebrate the importance of trees. Find more information at the Arbor Day Foundation, Read more about planting your Arbor Day trees at the Arbor Day Blog:

The Tennessee Environmental Council has a Tree-mendous Tennessee Tree Project, having helped plant 360,000 trees in Tennessee since 2007. Find more information about their project at:
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Tree seedlings (photo courtesy of the

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