Massar Dressage Clinic

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By Tommy & Nancy Brannon

On the first weekend in November (4&5), 2017, Kathy Massey, at Massar Stables near Arlington, Tennessee, hosted a clinic with Tamra Brown, assistant trainer to Anne Gribbons at Knoll Dressage, a world-class dressage training and boarding facility in Orlando, Florida.

Kathy Massey said of the clinic: “I feel like we all benefitted from Tamra’s experience with training horses up the levels.  We are reminded of the role of the Training Pyramid and how to apply it to our training.  We look forward to bringing her back in December so that we can follow-up on our work.” 

Tamra commented on this clinic. “There are some nice horses and riders here. Their hearts are really in it, and you know, that always makes it fun. I like to find out what they know first, what their short term and long term goals are, as well as their expectations. I need to know how I can help with their understanding of the fundamentals and their communication with their horse.” She said that she likes to teach how to use the seat and legs to guide the horse rather than control him. That, she said, is done with positive reinforcement.

She worked riders in Massar’s covered arena, some of the time on the longe line. One rider commented: “It was a good lesson. The longe line freed me up to work on my position. We can forget how helpful that can be.”

Kathy Massy said that there were 16 riders in this clinic, some with multiple horses. She added, “The participants had a very strong desire to be successful and do well. This was the first clinic that we have had with Tamera and we are looking forward to her return.”

Tamra started as a working student at Knoll Farm and advanced to head groom for Anne in 1994. Over the years she has ridden many talented horses to the upper levels and several to Grand Prix level. In 2007 she achieved her USDF Silver Medal and is working towards her Gold. Also in 2007, she was Intermediare Champion in Region 8.

She has worked for 20 years with Gribbons and has progressed to head trainer at Knoll Dressage. She is active in the Region 3 Florida Show Circuit and has successfully trained several horses to Grand Prix level. She specializes in producing well-educated and competitive dressage horses. With riders, her instruction is geared toward understanding equine mechanics and riding dressage as a blend of art and technique.

In her college days, Tamra studied Equine Science at the University of Minnesota, Waseca Camus. Originally from Cedar, Minnesota, she now resides in Apopka, Florida.

Contact information: Tamra Brown Dressage (407) 300-0347. Find Tamra on facebook at Tamra Brown.

The next clinic with Tamra Brown at Massar is December 16-17, 2017. For more information, contact Kathy Massey at 901-483-4475.

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