2016 NWCHA Invitational

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By Tracy McPherson, Barnfly Farms

The NWCHA has seen a tremendous growth since its beginning just four years ago. This association has brought back the fun and excitement of riding and competing with the working cow horse. The association focuses on the working cow horse and highlighting the talent of both horse and rider through friendly competition. Riders and horses accumulate points throughout the NWCHA season which runs from August 1 of the current year to July 31 of the following year.  

NWCHA horses are able to keep their points for their lifetime once they are registered with the association. This year the NWCHA was proud to have its first four horses reach the Platinum points level (earning 400 or more points).  These horses are Colonel Little Jo, owned by Joe McPherson; Jim, owned by Randy Barnett; New York, owned by Sonny Gould; and Continental MJ Baby, owned by Lynn Cofield. Continental MJ Baby was also recognized as the 2016 NWCHA Horse of the Year.

NWCHA riders compete for a top ten points placing in their division which secures their spot at the Invitational. This year's Invitational was a great success.  We had a lot of new and returning members join us.  We all know the weather has added a degree of difficulty to showing horses this year and the Invitational was no different. Horses and riders had to factor the mud into their strategy this year and were able to do so very successfully. Amazing sponsors this year included Lubrisyn, Barnfly Farms- Tack and Gift Store, RW Trucking, Stepping Stones Child Development, Dean Oil, Trigg County Veterinary Clinic, Cunningham Motors, Imagined Reality Photography and Rod's Tire enabled larger payouts and some really nice awards for this season.
The 2016 Season Winners were:
Professional Division - Joe McPherson (1st) / Chelsie Mckelvey (2nd) / Jeff Koontz (3rd)
Senior Division - Jackie Davis (1st) / Sonny Gould (2nd) / Ike Mussleman (3rd)
Ranch Division - Lynn Cofield (1st) / Ricky Barnhart (2nd) / Eddie Stewart (3rd)
Amateur Division - Anthony Fourshee (1st) / Lee Ann Naghtin (2nd) / Alexis Brunk (3rd)
Youth Division - Nicolas Bass (1st) / Richard Sullivan (2nd) / Sierra Golgata (3rd)
Foal Division - Cameron Jackson (1st) / Kylee White (2nd) / Hannah Young (3rd)
Ranch Hands - Ike Mussleman / Lynn Cofield / Jeff Clark
Horse of the Year - Continental MJ Baby owned by Lynn Cofield
The 2016 Invitational Winners were:
Professional Division - Jeremy Whited (1st) / Joe McPherson (2nd) / Shad Seals (3rd)
Senior Division  - Sonny Gould (1st) / Mike Baldwin (2nd) / Ike Mussleman (3rd)
Ranch Division - Jay Hopper (1st) / Heather Baldwin (3rd) / Reggie Davidson (3rd)
Amateur Division - Charlie Workman (1st) / Dominique Wood (2nd) / Kellie Jackson (3rd)
Youth Division - Sierra Golgata (1st) / Autumn Kammerdiener (2nd) / Braleigh Beshears (3rd)
Foal Division - Cameron Jackson (1st) / Kylee White (2nd)
A complete list can be seen on our website www.nwcha.com.
The 2017 season dates are being set and will start in Greenville, KY with Copper Creek Cattle Company hosting this season’s first show.  

Hosting shows is a great way to get involved in the association.  If you are interested in hosting a show in your area, visit www.nwcha.com contact and fill out an "I want to host a show form" before 2017 show dates fill up.

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