Musical Kur Demo At GCHS

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Ila Handy, instructor/trainer at the Mid-south Dressage Academy, performed a Musical Freestyle (Kur) demonstration on Wednesday June 6 at the Germantown Charity Horse Show. Ila rode her 14-year-old Danish Warmblood Ruffino, aka “Roo.” The duo performed a 4th Level Musical Freestyle, and the movements included: half pass at trot and canter, medium and extended trot and canter, shoulder-in at trot, tempi changes, i.e., flying changes every third stride, and every second stride, and canter pirouettes. In general, 4th level musical freestyle requirements do not include tempi changes every two strides (every third and fourth stride are required), but Ila added them because Roo likes to do them, she said. Her music was from the movie “National Treasure” soundtrack.

Ila and Roo have competed in dressage through Intermediare 1, and they were the 2010 USDF Region Four 4th Level Musical Freestyle Champions. They currently are developing an Intermediare I Musical Freestyle to tango music. 

Ila is a USDF bronze and silver medalist, and the recipient of the silver freestyle bar. In addition to developing students and horses in dressage, she enjoys assisting her students in the process of developing freestyles. “It is a long and at times tedious process, but so rewarding when it all comes together!” she said.

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