Ride for Success


Founder: Cat Hynes. Ride For Success is a goal-setting program whereby equestrian enthusiasts can participate in various riding and fitness challenges. Our community is supportive, inclusive and motivated by our combined success.

Describe your personal goals and overall hope and vision for the Equestrian Community in terms of expanding and sharing horses and equestrian sports with individuals from all walks of life:
Ride For Success is meant to be to the start of something moving, motivating and multifaceted! It is for everyone who is their own driving force.It is for every age and every body type. It’s for those wanting to set goals. It is for building a community one key stroke and picture upload at a time. It’s someone saying “I see you”, “I got you” and “I reward you”. Our vision is that of a global equestrian community that provides positive support to their fellow athletes who are striving to reach their personal riding and workout goals. Our comunity is supportive, inclusive and motivated by our combined success.

How do you feel equestrian sports can better diversify our equestrian communities?
How amazing it is that all genders of riders are capable of competing up to an Olympic Level with one another. Isn’t the horse a great equalizer! Through creating a program like RFS we level the playing field even more by reaching a broader audience through affordability. It opens the competition to para and handicapped riders, riders of all ages and all disciplines. Horses don’t discriminate.

What are ways you/ your organization have successfully introduced horses to new individuals in our community?
RFS is a challenge-based program designed to reward success through effort in both riding and healthy active living. Through drawing attention to our social media platforms, giving back to charitable causes, our blog and challenge programs we are making learning about horses more accessible.

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