Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy


The Concrete Cowgirl & Executive Director: Erin S. Brown. Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy (PURA) is a nonprofit 501c(3) established in January, 2019 as an extension and outgrowth of the original Fletcher Street Stables in partnership with the late Eric Miller, the riders of Fletcher Street Stables and the filmmakers of Concrete Cowboy.

Describe your personal goals and overall hope and vision for the Equestrian Community in terms of expanding and sharing horses and equestrian sports with individuals from all walks of life:
My personal goal is to make a presence in the show world with youth who can compete with horses that are bred and trained here at home. When I was growing up, we couldn’t afford to compete on a professional level, nor did we have the quality of horse that was needed. I’m about to change that!

How do you feel equestrian sports can better diversify our equestrian communities?
Easy. Make the opportunity to Equine related activities and sports accessible and affordable to those underserved.

What are ways you/ your organization have successfully introduced horses to new individuals in our community?
In my community, the children/ individuals introduce themselves. It’s not every day that they see a horse in the city. They wonder into the barn and then the rest is history.


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