Monique Cameron-Hamby and Supreme Irene, Winners of RRP’s TB Makeover Freestyle Division


Monique Cameron-Hamby has been training horses since 1989. She trains out of Rockin’ H Ranch in Hackett, Ark. Monique starts colts and trains and exercises racehorse. Prior to 2019, she did not do any showing. Since then she has shown in Trail and Obstacle competitions. Her main focus is starting colts and fillies of all breeds, but 99% of her clients own Thoroughbreds.

Tell us about your OTTB: Supreme Irene is a 5- year- old bay mare out of Kisses for Caroline by lntidab. She was born in Wisconsin on May 24, 2017. Irene is owned by Don and Connie Redden. She raced at Churchill Downs, Arlington Park, Prairie Meadows and Hawthorne Race Course finishing her career with 15 starts: Zero wins, 2 seconds, 1 third and $9,180.00 in winnings. I started young horses and trained racing horses for the Reddens when I had a training center “All the Kings Horses,” in northern Illinois. I chose freestyle and competitive trail for Irene because I thought the slower pace and focus would suit her personality and abilities at this point in her training.

Is this your first TB Makeover, if not how many have you shown at? This was the 2nd horse I have trained for the Thoroughbred Makeover. Wally K finished 6th in Competitive Trail in 2019. Wally K was adopted through the Galloping Out Foundation. He was rehabilitated from 2 fractured legs. We used the motto “BROKEN CRAYONS STILL COLOR.”

In your opinion what makes the Thoroughbred special? Thoroughbreds are amazing athletes and are SO willing to please. Thoroughbreds love having a job.  They are enthusiastic partners and have beautiful movement. They are also amazingly versatile. 

What has been the biggest challenge throughout the retraining process? Irene was a very emotional mare and required an exceptional amount of patience and structure.

Who has helped you the most during this retraining process? The horses from the past: My experience with thousands of young Thoroughbreds over 35 years has helped me the most. Breyon Johnson, Cheryl Reyher and Bonnie Gerdes were 3 of the many wonderful people involved in this undertaking. 

One word that describes your mount? WOW!!!

Monique and Supreme Irene finished first overall in the Freestyle division. Here is her recap of her experience: “What an amazing and fun experience the Makeover has been!  We went to Kentucky with only 2 people who had been practicing this freestyle routine! Ten different people at the Makeover jumped in and filled the parts and moved the props at lightning speed. The teamwork was phenomenal. My thanks to everyone. Don and Connie Redden who own Supreme Irene have always been truly dedicated to their ex-racehorses’ futures.  I hope the training Irene received will assure her friends wherever she goes. “Perhaps the greatest kindness you can do any horse is to educate him well.” T Roberts


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