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Misty Pleiness, founder and creator of HorseLinc, has been immersed in the horse world ever since she was little. “I grew up on a dairy farm and saved up to buy my first horse when I was 11 years old,” recalled Misty.

“I started braiding horses for competition professionally when I was 17. After a frustrating three hour wait to get a check for braiding horses at a show in 2017, the idea for HorseLinc was born on the long drive home. 

“My goal was to create an app that would make life easier for the trainers, riders, owners, and service providers and to be able to link all the services that go with owning a horse.” 

Simplifying Service Payments 

Knowing the struggles of getting paid, connecting with the right people, and keeping track of assignments all combined to form the idea of HorseLinc. The horse industry is unique in that the person paying for the service is rarely there at the time the service is rendered. Horses have on average 12 different service providers, and each gets paid in a different way: from checks taped to the stall door, to a paper invoice left in the barn for the owner, online payment apps, or emailed invoices that invariably go to your junk folder. HorseLinc offers a platform for all this and more to be managed in a consistent manner right from your smartphone. 

“I knew there must be a better way to keep track of services performed for our horses, including services such as farriers, training, and veterinary care,” said Misty.  

HorseLinc is an app for the horse industry that saves time and money for both sides: the owners and the service providers and helps the industry as a whole run more efficiently and effectively while providing a tool to take better care of the horses themselves.   

Solving the Horse Equation 

HorseLinc combines both sides of the horse equation into one platform – horse managers + service providers. Horse managers are the owners/trainers/barn managers that create horse profiles and “Linc” with their trusted service providers. They can add notes and attachments to each horse’s profile, and all invoices that come through can be paid in just a few taps.  Invoices are automatically tracked and searchable within the horse’s profile as well, so you don’t have to spend precious time with data entry. 

Get Linc’ed = Get Organized + Save Time  

“Service providers can send invoices in seconds to the horses managed by people they are “linc’ed with or can invite their clients to the platform with a new invoice via text or email, it is as simple as that,” shared Misty. Service providers can keep notes within each horse profile private or public to share with their horse managers. 

Throughout this process, your horse’s service history is automatically maintained within their profile, saving up to 500 hours per year in data entry for trainers and barn managers. 

Payment Security is Paramount 

Misty’s day job is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, testing the security of systems in use by some of the largest corporations in the world. “By levering the knowledge I have from my career and understanding the security industry, I selected Stripe as the backend payment processor for HorseLinc,” she states. Stripe is a trusted provider and supports payment processing for most of the apps on the market today. Other profile information is securely housed in a cloud service provided by Amazon. 

What’s Next 

Misty competes on her horse throughout the year in the amateur jumper division. “I value the time I spend riding and competing, and it allows me to be in front of my customer base, to receive feedback and ideas for enhancements,” said Misty. HorseLinc is always working on new features to continue making everyone’s lives easier, saving time and money. 

HorseLinc is free to download on the Apple App Store & Google Play 

HorseLinc Website 

Instagram: horselinc

Facebook: HorseLinc  


Juliana Chapman

Juliana is the founder of The Tech Equestrian, a technology and lifestyle blog centered on connecting equestrians and creating awareness of the latest technology solutions in the horse world. Juliana has written articles for Horse & Style, EQ Living and The World Equestrian Center Magazine. She has interviewed more than 50 national and international horse tech providers over the past four years.

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