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Promoting autonomy and independence through the means of therapeutic horsemanship.

Kat Scott, Executive Director of GRIT Therapeutic Horsemanship, is a PATH Certified Riding Instructor and Licensed Counselor. Serving Tyler, Texas and surrounding areas, Kat describes GRIT as a therapeutic horsemanship facility whose programming caters towards clients who have been diagnosed with a disability. However, Kat and her team at GRIT specialize in working with those diagnosed with “invisible disabilities.” These can include things like mental health struggles, epilepsy, TBI, autism, learning disabilities, and more. GRIT often works congruently with occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech and language pathologists so clients have access to a full range of physica, occupational and mental health therapies.

“As a mental health provider, I think access (to Equine-Assisted Therapies) is the number one barrier to clients receiving services,” Kat said. She pointed out that there are few providers, huge waitlists, and high costs which cause many obstacles to clients receiving mental health support. “Here at GRIT, we try to keep costs as low as possible so that clients are able to be seen within a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable rate,” Kat explained.

At GRIT clients recognize that horses, while are nonverbal, interact with others in social and authentic ways. “Horses cannot lie to other horses,” Kat said. Clients begin to understand their horses’ nonverbal language, and through trust their equine partners provide comfort.

Currently,  insurance does not cover therapeutic horsemanship lessons so Kat has her facility setup as a cash-pay facility. GRIT does take self-referrals, as well as referrals by medical providers. Kat said, “we offer free tours to clients who think they may be interested in our programming, and we suggest referring to our website for more information.” To learn more about GRIT Therapeutic Horsemanship visit:

Executive Director:
Kat Scott

Tyler, Texas and Surrounding Areas


PATH Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructors and Licensed Professional Counselor


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