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Alex Ginsburg, The 73rd Germantown Charity Horse Show Auction Artist.

The 73 rd Germantown Charity Horse ShowAuction Artist is Alex Ginsburg. Alex has been the official photographer for the Germantown Charity Horse Show (GCHS) for eight years, and the horse in the photo on the poster is a horse from a previous GCHS. In addition, the photo on the cover of this year’s GCHS program of Charity in the stall is also Alex’s.     

You see Alex at the Queen’s Ball in the spring photographing all the Princesses and the Queen, as well as the attendees, and at the various Queen and Princess events prior to the show. You also see him every day at the horse show photographing the people, the horses, and the equestrian action – all the special, and whimsical, moments that people want to remember.      

Alex and his wife Rhonda operate Alex Ginsburg Photographics studio in a bungalow-style building at 7707 Poplar Pike in Germantown, Tenn., next to the horse show grounds.The auction print and its framing, the poster design, the graphics, and artwork of this year's commemorative poster for the 73 rd show were all donated by the studio.      

Although a lot of his photography work takes place outdoors, Alex said, growing up, his parents were not the outdoorsy type. “We never went camping, fishing, on picnics, and certainly no hunting.  Horses were only seen in Mardi Gras parades, as I grew up in New Orleans. It was not until I moved to Memphis that I started to enjoy more outdoor experiences.” Now, a lot of his photography is created outdoors at people’s homes or the portrait gardensat his studio. During COVID, he did “drive by” photo shootings of families in their yards.      

“Being a photographer for 32 years, I have had the pleasure to photograph thousands of portrait sessions and many of those included people with their horses in beautiful settings. As a photographic artist, creating images is not just taking a picture. It is revealing the beauty, telling a story, or sometimes showing life in a slightly different way that makes the viewer stop for a moment to see the things that we take for granted in another way.       

“Photographing the Germantown Charity Horse Show Association and Princess events throughout the year is always rewarding because of the many people we've met along the way. The actual show is a unique project for me.  I receive no specific direction from the organization as to what to photograph during horse show week.  I have  carte blanche to photograph whatever I want.  As you know, this show is the oldest multi-breed show in this area, so I have the opportunity to capture a lot of people and horses, all with their own distinct personalities.  I have learned so much about their passion for living, raising, protecting, enjoying, riding, and loving their horses. There is beauty in every part of this equine experience.  I photograph horses in much the same way I photograph anything of beauty.  The light I have to work with, the personality of the horse, and the relationship with its owner or rider, are all a part of the opportunity to tell their story.”     

The studio slogan for every session is:  This is your moment – We get it!  Alex is always trying to capture the special moments that should be remembered.     

Alex is a Master Photographer and Certified Craftsman member of Professional Photographers of America. He has won numerous national, regional, and local awards including the Kodak Award of Excellence, the Fuji Masterpiece Award,and Germantown Small Business of the Year award.     

Take a look as some of his amazing photos on his website: .You can also see some of his photos posted on the Germantown Charity Horse Show Facebook page.     


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