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Providing faith-based mentorship to children and young adults who have been through trauma and other life-challenges.

Freedom Reigns Ranch serves children and young adults who have been through trauma and other life- challenges. Located in Middle Tennessee, this organization utilizes principles and best practices from multiple modalities. Carissa Ramsdell, founder and executive director said, “we have chosen not to certify under any specific organization/ therapy program to maintain the freedom to operate as we need to for each individual or specific group that participates.”

Sessions at Freedom Reigns Ranch are offered in one- on- one, small group, family, and large group formats, and are provided completely free-of-charge, thanks to the generosity of donors. Carissa stated, “Access to valuable services (especially equine) is often cost-preventative for people who need it the most.” This faith based group is dedicated to offering sessions to all who have experienced trauma and life challenges. 

“Horses provide instant and non-bias feedback about how we show up in a relationship. The insight gained while working with a horse can easily translate to our every-day lives. As a faith-based organization, it is remarkable how working with a horse mirrors our relationship with God. Horses are powerful and beautiful, but they are prey animals who are inclined to fear. The way they can grow into their purpose is through a relationship with their rider, and it becomes truly beautiful when the trust is mutually shared and manifests to the observer. That’s just what it’s like with our relationship with God- as we grow in trust, willingly follow, and face things that we fear, we can accomplish what we were created for and help make a lasting impact on the world,” Carissa stated.

Freedom Reigns Ranch takes applications that are submitted through their website. The organization provides as many free- of- charge sessions as possible. They currently have a waitlist but serve as many participants as possible each season through the help of donations and volunteers. 

To learn more about Freedom Reigns Ranch and their program visit:

Founder, Executive Director:
Carissa Ramsdell

Middle Tennessee


Faith Based Mentorship


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