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As any owner, trainer, or barn manager knows–running an equine business can get busy, taking away precious personal time to ride, be with family, or have face-to-face time with your clients. Between booking lessons for riders and managing the barn, staff and horses–there just aren’t enough hours in the day…until now. EC Pro is a software platform built by an equestrian for equestrians that streamlines operations, increases revenue, and frees up your valuable time so you can run a business you love.

What is EC Pro? 
EC Pro was founded by Jamie Arnold in 2017. He found himself standing in long lines waiting to book riding lessons for his daughter while the staff ran around in a constant hurry, trying to manage the ever-growing line of customers. It occurred to him that scheduling riding lessons shouldn’t be that hard. It should be as easy as booking a flight, hotel, vacation, workout session, or food delivery right from your phone. He designed EC Pro with a mission to provide trainers and equestrian center owners with complete control over their business operations while giving customers the digital experience and modern convenience they expect. 

EC Pro is an all-in-one equestrian business management system that allows riders to book lessons 24/7 with its intelligent online booking feature. Not only does it make it convenient for both owners and riders, it ensures client safety by allowing them to only book lessons that are appropriate based on factors like age and ability. But that’s not all -  it also offers seamless client management to manage payments and ensure rider details are up to date and securely stored.

Boarding and horse care features make it easy to centralize all health and maintenance records, reducing administrative duties  and freeing up essential time. The system also alleviates the tedious and time-consuming aspects of staff management. As helpful as whiteboards and colorful markers can be, there is no longer a need to write out staff tasks and schedules! By acting as a virtual staff member, EC Pro helps with scheduling your staff, along with all of the day-to-day tasks barn owners face. It even offers event management to assist with bookings and payments for upcoming events such as clinics or schooling shows and publish results and scores for customers to view online. 

A customer favorite is the electronic record keeping feature. No more need for filing cabinets taking up office space or spending hours manually going through each to find records. Storing all your paperwork securely and electronically, this feature not only clears up the workplace but also your schedule with the time it saves. It also brings peace of mind knowing all records are backed up a minimum of five times a day. With the extensive features EC Pro offers, equestrian business owners can have everything they need to stay organized in the palm of their hand. 

EC Pro has helped thousands of equine professionals across the globe grow their businesses, and continues to do so through its recent expansion to the U.S. in 2023. The company believes that equine business owners should not have to decide between running a successful business and enjoying their time in and out of the barn. EC Pro, your digital workhorse, is here to help you with the heavy load of running your business and getting you back in the saddle.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, here’s what one of EC Pro’s U.S. customers had to say:

“The thing I love about EC Pro is how many different things that it can do. It has streamlined my business and made things a lot easier for me.”   

Take control of your business today! Book a demo to learn more and start your free trial today by visiting ECPRO.US.


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