Fall laminitis: What it is, how to prevent and manage.


This episode of the Horse Talk Podcast covers everything horse owners need to know about Fall Laminitis, what it is, how to prevent, and how to manage. Join our From the Experts Conversation with Katie Young Ph.D, Equine Nutritionist with Kentucky Equine Research. Readers can listen to our podcast or watch our video recording on the conversation below.

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Our Guest, Katie Young, received her bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University in biology, with minors in animal science and chemistry, and earned her doctorate from Texas A&M University in equine nutrition and exercise physiology. Her graduate research focused on mineral balance in resting and exercising horses, and the effects of fat-added diets on sweat production in working horses.

Young was a member of the TAMU Equine Science faculty for several years during and following her tenure as a graduate student. Since leaving academia, she has spent nearly 30 years in the feed industry as an equine nutritionist, horse feed program manager, and business consultant for Farmland Industries, a large regional feed company, and then as technical equine nutritionist and horse feed product manager for Purina Animal Nutrition. She has extensive experience in horse feed formulation, quality control and production, customer service and communication, sales and sales training, marketing, and regulatory and labeling requirements for equine feed. She was highly involved in every aspect of product development and launches both at Farmland and Purina. She now works as a consulting equine nutritionist for Kentucky Equine Research, and also provides independent consulting services for horse owners and veterinarians.


Lauren Abbott

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