Dr. Rachel Cezar-Martinez


USDA APHIS Area Veterinarian in Charge (AVIC) of Mississippi and Louisiana, AAEP DEI Committee Member, And President of National Association of Federal Veterinarians

Dr. Cezar-Martinez has been an advocate for DEI for decades. She serves on the American Association of Equine Practitioners DEI committee in which she pushes to enhance the pipeline of equine vets in all areas of the country, especially to those underrepresented in the industry. She also serves on the Louisiana Equine Council as a board member of a district of Louisiana known to have many ethnicities that are horse lovers and enthusiasts. She strives to give them a voice for the entire horse industry in Louisiana.

Dr. Cezar-Martinez created Double Z Cowboy Corral with her family to bring children and people underrepresented and socially-disadvantaged to learn about horses and how to care for them, and to help promote careers with horses. Her efforts began in Washington DC, in which children from inner city areas could come and learn about horses. Now she is continuing these efforts in Louisiana where the poverty level is high.

Dr. Cezar-Martinez’s efforts are exceptional because she is not only an advocate and promoter of diversity in the horse industry, but she is also a mentor, coach and a sponsor. She guides people and children that may feel like they are the only ones. She takes their hands and tells them they are not alone. She understands how it feels to be the minority, and has always said to herself: “if not me then who?” She has always been the first in many venues, and keeps smiling saying she is just building the bridge to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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