BridgeUp GiddyUp


Executive Program Director: Mckrell Baier. BridgeUP GiddyUP provides youth with a unique track to personal development through the medium of horseback riding. The program teaches horsemanship and animal husbandry, and provides a rigorous skills curriculum for students which adhere to the European standards.

Describe your personal goals and overall hope and vision for the Equestrian Community in terms of expanding and sharing horses and equestrian sports with individuals from all walks of life:
Curating horse-human interactions in an ethical, time-tested manner while constantly seeking new perspectives on ways to improve. Opportunity to interact and work towards mastery in all aspects of equestrian endeavors enriches every life & strengthens humanity overall.

How do you feel equestrian sports can better diversify our equestrian communities?
Through the understanding not only of the historical privilege which has allowed access to some and denied access to others but also (and most importantly) the benefit to the entire equestrian ecosystem when more of the human population comes to appreciate and practice equestrianism in the ethical ways which provide for the future of the equestrian culture as a whole.

What are ways you/ your organization have successfully introduced horses to new individuals in our community?
Through holistic programming focused on the individual and experienced as a team. GiddyUP provides equestrian education based on a classical curriculum as well as physical health, personal development, the cultural relevance of a life spent with horses, and most importantly— how every human having learned from horses can positively impact their community, even when not in the saddle or stable!

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