Bluegrass Championships

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The Casey County Ag Expo Center in Liberty, Kentucky was rockin’ and ropin’ the first weekend in April. Friday April 1, 2016 was the NTRL roping event, featuring the #13 Slide, #11 Slide, #8, and VIP #12/#10 offering 75% payback. It was a great warm-up for the USTRC Bluegrass Championships on April 2-3, with USTRC Flex Earnings to Average winners and NTRL National Shoot-Outs to first – tenth in Average.

The USTRC sanctioned Bluegrass Championships got underway at 9 a.m. daily April 2-3, 2016. Both events were produced by Jx2 Productions. Saturday’s action started with the #13 slide and the #12. The Gold Plus #12 and #10 both offered 80% payback and Century Bonus. Junior Loopers roped at 12 noon on Saturday. On Saturday night all the ropers and their families were invited to a Cookout. Sunday’s roping action started with the Gold Plus #10.

Weekend winners were:

#13 Slide winners were Jim Bob Frazier and Lucas Campbell
#12 winners:
Average- Garrett Sprankle and Nick Deleon
Incentive- Mike Woolven and Lucas Campbell
#12 Gold Plus average and incentive winners:
Joseph Southern and Jordan Southern
#11 winners:
Average- Dakota Hartfield and Ryan Pratt
Incentive- Jim Bob Frazier and Ryan Shaw
#10 average and incentive winners:
Jacob Spears and Brad Bowman
#10 Gold Plus winners:
Average- Chris Papotnik and Jarrett McLaughlin
Incentive- Justin McMillion and Larry Habrun
#9 winners:
Average- Charles Shook and Greg Mitchell
Incentive- Dakota Hartfield and Paul Moore
#8 winners:
1st Wesley Billingsley and Tony Wells
2nd Denny Lottman and Jeff Turco
3rd Casey Shaw and Fawn Armstrong
Jr. Looper winners:
10-12 Landon Scheffel
7-9 Hayden McCraw
6 & under Trigg Hostetler
(Photos by Val Ford, C Bar C Photography)

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