Nashoba Harbor Town Drive

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Article & photos by Nancy Brannon
Jingle bells, jingle bells – Jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it was to ride in a Vis ‘a Vis on Sunday! Hey!
Indeed, the bells were jingling as the holiday-decorated Nashoba carriages rambled through Harbor Town on Mud Island on December 11, 2011. The weather was cool, but not intolerably cold, sunny and pleasant for the drive through a quaint, new development on the north side of Memphis, TN. [more information about Harbor Town available at:]

Chrissy Saylor brought two Vis ‘a Vis carriages from Carriage Tours of Memphis: she drove Sammy the Belgian (seen on the cover of the December Mid-South Horse Review) and Pam Gamble drove Jim the Percheron, with Mae the Corgi enjoying the ride from the driver’s seat. Tommy and I had the pleasure of riding in the Vis ‘a Vis pulled by Sammy.
It was a delightful way to share holiday cheer and fun among the Nashoba members and friends, and with folks in the Harbor Town neighborhood. You can only imagine the sounds, but here are some of the sights of the day.

DSC_3241: Pam Gamble drives Jim the Percheron, with Mae the Corgi.
DSC_3242: Your holiday carriage awaits!


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