Angel Heart Farm


Serving children and their families facing chronic and life threatening illnesses using Equine- Assisted Therapy in conjunction with their medical treatment - at no cost.

In 2001 Tracy Kujawa founded Angel Heart Farm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Angel Heart Farm serves children beating cancer. They work directly with pediatric oncologists, nurses and Social and ChildLife Specialists for participants beginning their equestrian journey. There are no fees for AHF’s  services.
Tracy, a former PATH certified instructor said, “I personally believe there is no greater love or connection a person can make than with an equine. Horses mirror us in a multitude of ways. At our farm we have witnessed unexplained changes in the children we serve. Their physical, mental, and overall health, as well as their entire families’ lives change in a positive direction. The four white walls and cancer treatment at the hospital is necessary, but nothing compares to nature, fresh air, open space and the unconditional love and hope equines give.” 

Angel Heart Farm uses equine-assisted therapy in conjunction with cancer treatment for children and families battling cancer. “We incorporate music and art therapy in all of our lessons, and have created a library in our tack room to promote literacy and learning,” Tracy explained when talking about the many therapies AHF offers their clients.

Tracy graciously explained, “As a lifelong horse owner, amateur competitor in the Arabian horse industry, a farm owner, an instructor for children with mental, physical differences and life threatening illnesses, it is an honor to teach the families we serve about the art of horsemanship.” 

Even though there are days that are extremely difficult at AHF, especially when losing children to cancer, Tracy and the team at AHF chose to be there for their clients and families, to help them create love for horses and ponies, set goals, and tell them how much their pony loves them. “I always say it’s not about teaching the horseback riding lesson, it’s teaching life lessons that we learn in the company of ponies and horses,” Tracy states.  

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Founder, Director:
Tracy Kujawa

Greater Nashville, Tennessee Area


Equine-Assisted Thereapies, Art and Music Therapies


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