Aly Mayhall and Toshita Forever


Aly Mayhall is a 17- year- old Junior rider. She rides out of her home barn in Wilmer, Ala. with her trainer, Kate Menees. Aly has ridden her entire life. She has ridden in all disciplines but competed in Eventing and Competitive Trail at RRP’s Thoroughbred Makeover.

Tell us about your OTTB: Toshita Forever is a 7-yr-old mare with 50 starts: 1 second, 5 thirds. Her last race was at Evangeline in LA on 9/9/21. Toshita Forever was at New Vocations in Covington, LA which was close enough for us to see her in person. I was looking for an eventing horse.

Did your horse have any racing injuries? If so tell us a little about that injury and the rehab process: She retired sound.

Is this your first TB Makeover? If not how many have you shown at: This is my first Makeover.

Why did you decide to enter RRP? To see how my skills training an OTTB compared to professional trainers and to honor my grandmother who always supported my equine activities. 

What other breeds and disciplines have you ridden and shown? I have ridden and shown Quarter Horses in ranch, polocrosse, English, horsemanship, Eventing, halter, showmanship, obstacles, and speed events. I have shown and ridden Tennessee Walking Horses in flat, equitation, Dressage, obstacles, halter, showmanship. And Thoroughbreds in Eventing, flat, jumping, and equitation.

In your opinion what makes the Thoroughbred special? Their intelligence, willingness to learn, and strong work ethic.

What has been the biggest challenge throughout the retraining process? Dealing with equine health issues and maintaining a consistent training schedule while balancing school.

What  did your TB pick up on quickly? Dressage Tests

Who has helped you the most during this retraining process? My trainer, Kate Menees, and my mom. 

What were you most excited about leading up to TB Makeover? Showing in a world class venue.

What were you most nervous about? The possibility of her melting down around such a chaotic environment and extended time in a stall.

What are your hopes for this horse? I hope she will become an upper level eventer horse.

Advice you would give to anyone looking to purchase an OTTB? Don’t discount the older “warhorses.” They usually have more experience in a variety of venues and if they are still sound, they will probably stay sound.

What keeps you motivated throughout the training process? The desire to strengthen the bond between my horse and me.

One word that describes your mount: Willing

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