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Ames Amateur Field Trial


Photos by Vera Courtney

The 2018 Ames Amateur Field Trial started on January third, postponed from January first, at Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, Tennessee. The first week of the New Year brought steady below freezing temperatures. Highs for the days were in the 20s, starting at 21°F on Monday with a high of 33 degrees on Wednesday, with lows in the teens and single digits. It was 19°F at the first breakaway on Wednesday. After three days of below freezing weather, the Ames Amateur field trial concluded on Friday, January 5, and made way for the next field trial at Ames, the Hobart Ames Memorial Field Trial, which started January 8th.

The winner of the Ames Amateur was Phillip’s Off Line, owned by Nathan Phillips and handled by Mike Small. Runner up was Bad Prairie BillBoard, owned and handled by Quinton Wiseman. Third was Touch’s Smooth rider, Keith Wright owner and handler.

In the Derby Stake, the winner was Hendrix’s Dak Attach, Jonathan Burch, owner and handler. Gary McKibben’s Coldwater Splendor came in second. And Boumeester’s Insurance, Rich Boumeester owner and handler, was third.

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