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Lucky Dog Barrel Race


Article & photos by Nancy Brannon

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The Show Place Arena in Memphis, Tennessee opened December with one of the biggest events of the year: the $25,000-added, Lucky Dog Barrel Race Series Finale, December 1-3, 2017. The show was a BBR Eastern Territorial Finals show, featuring $10,000 added BBR Sidepots, and RFD TV’s American Qualifier, which ran on Saturday night following all the Open runs. Stalls at the Show Place Arena were filled to capacity, with overflow stabling at the Germantown Charity Horse Show Arena in nearby Germantown, TN. The show attracted racers from all over the mid-south and beyond, offering many bonuses. This was a Better Barrel Races double points/qualifier. It was a Select Stallion Stakes with $10,000 bonus money. There were extra average awards for participants in the Runnin’ With The Pack Lucky Dog series. It was a Women’s Professional Rodeo Association divisional circuit event, as well as WRPA Junior approved. The show totaled $159,050 cash payout over the three days.

Friday’s $2,000-added Open 4D had 593 entries. Sarah Rose McDonald of Gonzales, Louisiana, on Holland By, won the Open 1D and the BBR Sidepot in 14.486 seconds. Friday’s Youth 1D winner was Elaina McKinney of Carbondale, Illinois on WRS Cool Memories, stopping the clock at 14.557. Elaina was second in the BBR Sidepot. Megan Jamerson of Gallatin, Tennessee, on Deep Laughing, was the Adult 1D winner, with a time of 14.614. Megan was fourth in the BBR Sidepot.

Saturday’s $2,500-added Open 4D had 777 runs. Saturday’s Open 1D and Youth 1D winner was McKenzie Morgan, of Maryville, Tennessee, on InFirewatersHonor with 14.352 seconds on the clock. She had the fastest time of the day, over the 776 other competitors. In fact, their time was the best of 1,976 runs over the weekend’s event.

Megan Jamerson, on Deep Laughing, won the Adult 1D again on Saturday, turning in a faster time of 14.181. Jimmy Cagle of Fayetteville, Tennessee grabbed the first and second place slots in the 1D Senior Sidepot: first with Figure Im Special in 14.574 seconds and second with Libbys On The Label in 14.670 seconds. McKenzie Morgan and InFirewatersHonor won Saturday’s Rodeo Sidepot with a time of 14.352 seconds. Megan Jamerson and Deep Laughing were a close second with 14.481 seconds. The pair also won the Runnin’ With The Pack 1D, with Jimmy Cagle second on Figure Im Special (14.574) and third on Libbys On The Label (14.670). Jamerson and Deep Laughing won the BBR Sidepot (14.481).

Mickayala Brown and Tommys Tank were the big winners of the American Qualifier with a time of 14.520. The pair were second in the BBR Sidepot.

The BBR Eastern Territorial Finals Sidepot 1D Average winners were: first – Megan Jamerson and Deep Laughing, with an average time of 14.5475, taking home a saddle pad. Jimmy Cagle bagged second and third, on Figure Im Special (14.6255) winning a hay bag, and Libbys On The Label, (14.6515) winning a duffle bag, respectively.

Sunday’s show, with 621 runs, started with the $200-added Pony race, and then proceeded to the $2,500-added Open 4D. Sunday’s 1D Pony Race winner was Parker Powers of Lexington, Tennessee on Flash, rounding the barrels in 16.374 seconds. In Sunday’s Open 1D, Marne Loosenort of Hazel, Kentucky, on Lovin Fame, beat Megan Jamerson and Deep Laughing with a time of 14.507. Megan was a close second with 14.526 and won the Adult 1D Sidepot. Sunday’s Youth 1D winner was Riley Lenagar of Brighton, Tennessee on Brogans Play (14.577). Elaina McKinney, on WRS Cool Memories, had to settle for second with a close time of 14.598. Jimmy Cagle topped the leaderboard in Sunday’s Senior Sidepot with first on Libbys On The Label (14.716) and second on Figure Im Special (14.729). The Sunday Rodeo Sidepot winner was Marne Loosenort on Lovin Fame with a time of 14.507.

All in all, the Runnin’ With The Pack Champion was Megan Jamerson on Deep Laughing, with an average time of 14.5035. Marne Loosenort and Lovin Fame were second with an average time of 14.5945.

Overall High Money winners were: Megan Jamerson, taking home a whopping $6,544.49 and a buckle. Jimmy Cagle earned $6,180.34. Elaina McKinney was the third in Overall High Money, taking home $4,592.79.

The Youth High Money winner was Riley Lenagar, taking home $594.10 and a buckle. Elaina McKinney was second with $542.03 in earnings.

The Adult High Money winner was Megan Jamerson, earning $767.54 and a buckle.

Jimmy Cagle was the Senior High Money winner of $857.64 and a buckle.

Since this was the last show of the 2017 season, Year End Awards were given, in addition to the weekend’s awards. Marne Loosenort was the High Money Champion. Other series winners are posted on their facebook page.

Full results from the show are available at:, and more information is posted on facebook at Lucky Dog Productions. Official photographer for the show was Fessler Photography and photos from the show are available at their website:

Lucky Dog Productions already has their 2018 schedule in place, with nine barrel races starting March 2-4 in Texarkana, Arkansas and in Starkville, Mississippi on April 6-8. They host two shows in Tunica, Mississippi on May 4-6 and June 1-3.

They’ll be back in Memphis, Tennessee at the Show Place August 3-5 and return to Tunica September 7-9 with $10,000 Future Fortunes Open Bonus Money. Final three shows of the season are October 12-14 in Texarkana, Arkansas; November 2-4 in West Monroe, Louisiana, and wrapping up in Memphis on November 30-December 2.

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