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Ole South Dressage


“Bentley” shows his blue ribbon, winner of the Intermediare 1 class with a score of 65.78%, ridden by Nashville dressage trainer Jody Inman Wilson. (photo by Mimi Bliss)

Ann Tursky’s “Harry,” First Level champion at the Ole South Prelude and Classic Dressage shows.

Dana Burke with Go For Porter, A/A Training Level champions at the Ole South Prelude Dressage show.
M. Rebecca Jones                                            

An excellent weekend of dressage competition started in classic style with FEI Freestyles at the Ole South Dressage Prelude show on Friday, August 25.  The August 25 – 27, 2017 weekend was three full days of rides for the Central Tennessee Dressage Association and its USEF/USDF recognized Ole South Dressage Prelude and Ole South Dressage Classic shows at the Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, TN.  Judges Joan Darnell (S-Texas), and Debbie Rodriguez (S-VA) were at “C” for the Prelude show on Friday and the Ole South Dressage Classic on Saturday and Sunday.  Exhibitors from Tennessee and surrounding states rode eighty-five horses in over 200 rides. The weather was mild, and even outside the air-conditioned comfort of the competition rings, the temperatures were comfortable for warm-ups. The weekend’s activities also included shopping at the four tack shops and equestrian vendors. 

The Ole South Dressage Classic was a National Dressage Pony Cup Partner show, as well as a participant in the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program.  USDF sponsors an Adult Team Competition – one of only two are approved yearly in each region.  In Saturday’s Adult Team there were five teams and twenty riders.  Ribbons, engraved cutting boards, grooming items, wines, and medallions were all a part of the prizes. 

High Point Champions at the Ole South Prelude Dressage show on Friday were: Dana N. Burke and Go for Porter, 69.615% (Adult Amateur Training Level); Kiersten Szczepanski and Splash of Gold, 65.682% (Junior/Young Rider Training); Anne Tursky and Sonnenschein Roa, 64.706% (AA First Level); Jessica Souther and Sir Aspen, 65.735% (Open First Level); Jessie Mehaffey and Midas of 4WH, 64.848% (AA Second Level); Jessica Souther and Sir Aspen, 68.537% (Open Second Level); Mimi Benton and Wiehekka, 66.212% (Open Third Level).

High Point Champions at the Ole South Classic Dressage show on Saturday were: Virginia Moon and Plato Carlos, 65.000% (Adult Amateur FEI); Hailey McLaughlin and Corleone, 66.447% (Open FEI); Amy Lanier and Magon, 62.500% (Open Fourth Level); Kate Ernst on Keeva, 59.103% (A/A Third Level); Wren Burnley and Furst Tanzer, 70.256% (Open Third Level); Anne Turskey and Sonnenschein Roa, 68.971% (A/A First Level); Leilajoy Richardson and White Gloves Rrz Reflection, 70.882% (Jr/YR First Level); Beate Kuska and Coco Chanel No5, 67.031% (Open First Level); Sarah Bagette and Fliegan, 71.739% (A/A Training Level); Kierstin Szczepanski and Splash of Gold, 71.739% (Jr/YR Training Level); and Alexandra du Celliee Mueller and Act Three, 67.069% (Open Training).

CTDA was also hosting Part 2 of the “L” Education Program.  The ten candidates observed and practiced judging tests in the different levels of the competition as a portion of the requirements which culminate with a written and practical final exam.  The “L” Program prepares judges for officiating at schooling shows or for those who plan to apply for the USEF’s “r” Judge Training Program.

For more information about the Central Tennessee Dressage Association, visit www.tndressage.comand find them on facebook at Central Tennessee Dressage Association. Information about the United States Dressage Federation can be found at

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