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On The Trail – Again


I call these guys β€˜The Three Amigos:’ (right to left) Yellow Birch, White Birch, and Spruce all growing out of the same old decaying log.”

Moose tracks, not far from the trail head

Beaver dam (covered in green growth)

By Nancy Brannon

Jean Abernethy, creator of the Fergus cartoons, is on the trail again, enjoying the cool, comfortable weather in northern Ontario. Here’s her report from the trail.

“I am spending my fifth summer working as trail guide at South Algonquin Trails, a trail guiding outfit at the edge of Algonquin Provincial Park in northern Ontario. We are about a four-hour drive north of Toronto.  This is the fourth season here for my pony Willow.  She has done a good job so far this season,” Abernethy said.

I asked Jean how the weather is and how she’s coping with the extreme heat.

“We have no extreme heat here at this point in our summer. Yesterday we got cold and wet to the bone in a chilly rain, and today on the trails the sun shone, bugs were not too bad, and we chatted laughed and sang along the beautiful wooded trails. In the early mornings, and evenings here, we want long sleeves,” Abernethy reported.

Abernethy says they ride rain or shine, and that “All kinds of summer people come to enjoy our trails.” Sometimes they ride near Kingscote Lake in Algonquin Park.

There’s plenty of flora and fauna to observe on the trails. She says, “Some of the trails in Algonquin Park take us past Beech trees with bear-claw marks in the bark. The bears climb the trees to get Beech nuts.”

“Tree seedlings will often grow out of old logs or stumps, drawing water up through the old decaying wood. It is especially common with Yellow Birch.”

“Today we had the opportunity to show our riders moose tracks, not far from the trail head.” Another day they spotted a wolf track in the mud.

Perhaps Canada is the place to go this time of year to avoid the extreme heat of the mid-south. At least, enjoy the photos and imagine a ride through the cool forest air.

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