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Carriage Dog Class


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Saturday (June 10) night’s Carriage Dog Class is one of the fun, favorite classes at the GCHS. Drivers are dressed in their finest pleasure driving attire and the added attraction is a dog on the seat by their side. In judging, the performance of the horse counts for 30% and the overall impression of the turnout, including the dog, count another 10%. The suitability of the dog counts for the remaining 60%.

Only one dog is allowed per entry, and the dog may be of any breed or combination of breeds. The dog may ride in the vehicle, either standing, sitting, or lying down. He should be quiet, well behaved and appear to enjoy the ride. The dog may wear a leash, but the dog must not be tied to the driver, passengers or to the vehicle. The dog may be held by a passenger in their lap or by a leash. What is preferred is a well trained companion dog that politely and calmly accompanies the turnout.

This year’s winner was a rescued “mutt” named Michael, with Joanna Wilburn driving Rollingwoods Berry Last One. Pam Anderson and her carriage dog May May were second. Taylor Haynes driving the Pink Panther was third.

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